As part of my final major project at university, I had an open brief, which I had to set. Choosing a subject close to home, I opted to re-brand a reputable charity. Its current stiff corporate personality lacked the positive work the RSPCA do. I decided to re-create the brands identity and as a means of promoting the fact, created a dog-walking event. This included various communications material and event paraphernalia.

The RSPCA are heroes to vulnerable, mistreated animals. With this in mind I created an identity that plays on this superhero mentality, whilst keeping their professional appearance. Emphasising the ‘C’ as both a paw print and the word ‘Cruelty’ connects the two subjects together providing instant understanding and styled in a way that provides superhero recognition of the brand. The vibrant colour palette and bold use of brand assets provides a positive, happy and consistent look and feel; reflective of the work they carry out.